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WWF is a leading global conservation organization, with a network that spans more than 100 countries. There is an interdependent relationship between our programmes of work in different offices. We see and act on the interconnections of many conservation issues and to address problems and solutions together.

Earth Hour 2014 was successfully held on 29 March. Across Hong Kong, over 3,900 companies and buildings, all universities and more than 320 primary and secondary schools gave their full support to the world’s largest environmental action.

According to data provided by CLP and Hong Kong Electric, electricity consumption in Hong Kong dropped by 4.12 per cent during Earth Hour. This drop equates to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 153 tonnes. It is equivalent to the carbon produced by an economy class passenger taking 2,186 times flights between Hong Kong and Taipei, and would take 6,661 trees to absorb this amount of carbon in one year.