Plant a Tree, Grow a Forest


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Cooperating with Friends of the Earth (HK), we started the tree-planting program at the source of River Dongjiang, named “Plant a Tree, Grow a Forest”. For each project, we donate for one tree planted near the Dongjiang Headstram Village in Xunwu Country. We simultaneously invite our customers to join us for the donation. We promise to donate for additional trees as a matching number of trees adopted by the customer.

Good Concept Group plans to conserve messages and green living culture in action to send to our customers, therefore after each completion of a project, pledging at least one tree seedlings, the minimum amount per tree pledges $ 100 ; while encouraging customers to participate with us – saplings while pledging commitment to customers, we will be more than pledges equal number of saplings (with 10 as the upper limit), hoping to bring customers together to donate trees. The customer response is very positive and promised cooperation with donated trees Goodcon Design, and colleagues decided to raise their company’s environmental awareness.

We made a great success in this program with the positive support from our customers.