Goodcon office event – Bicycle Day


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Our management BEN MARTIN advocated “LOOP” in response to a “low-carbon life”, in addition to the implementation of a series of environmental policy at the company, we also hope to promote the concept of environmental protection to the personal aspects of life. So they specifically organized a bicycle eco-tourism for the company’s colleagues. The management company hopes to raise the morale of the activities, and enhance the environmental awareness of colleagues, for the protection of the environment to make some contributions. Participation in the event was very positive, 12 people participated in the whole company, which will also include one of the managers MARTIN and his daughter, hoping to knowledge “low-carbon life” indoctrination next generation.

During the preparatory activities, colleagues put forward different proposals, such as a river cruise to the field trip, and so on. But after all the voting resolved, the final decision was cycling. The reason is that ship or aircraft release a lot of exhaust emissions, which is by no means a low-carbon transport. On the contrary, cycling without fuel, is zero pollution transport. Colleagues invariably suggest that you bring your own water bottle, avoid buying bottled water, reducing emissions from the manufacture of plastic bottles out of the exhaust, but also slows down the rate of resource consumption, little environmental sense to add a second bicycle eco-tourism.

I hope this moment helped to set their practice of “low-carbon concept” in everyday life.