Goodcon environmental policy statement


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Serious problem of global warming, environmental protection has become a urgent task to mankind. We are responsible to corporate with citizens to encourage and commit. We have made commitments to the community and the world – to improve environmental performance, and led the company to gradually develop into a real “green businesses” active interest and participation in environmental protection and transfer of environmentally conscious work.

We are confident that the following environmental policy formulation and implementation, will be able to make some contribution to the world. This is intended to convey environmental policy designed to Goodcon colleagues, business partners, suppliers, subcontractors and customers, relevant information and was built in Whatsapp group chat rooms and the company website.

The Task Force was established by different colleagues in the department,which is responsible for formulating the company’s environmental objectives, policies, and timely environmental strategy, promote and implement social responsibility to the environment, so that colleagues abreast of corporate environmental initiatives.

We pledge to:

– Follow and applies to local and international social and environment-related laws and regulations

– When making decisions, give full consideration to environmental issues

– Continually improve our environmental performance, and to minimize the environmental impact of the company’s business

– Allow business partners, suppliers, subcontractors and guests to fully aware on our environmental goals

– actively educate and encourage our colleagues and their families and friends, as well as environmentally conscious society, to learn about environmental protection and incorporate in their normal daily work habits.

– To shoulder “one small step for each person, the Earth a big step,” the basic responsibility.